Pizza Delivery Manchester Heaton Chapel

341 Wellington Road North
Heaton Chapel
SK4 4QG Manchester
Tel.: 0161 432 7444
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Opening hours

Monday 11:00  -  02:45
Tuesday 11:00  -  02:45
Wednesday 11:00  -  02:45
Thursday 11:00  -  02:45
Friday 11:00  -  02:45
Saturday 11:00  -  02:45
Sunday 11:00  -  02:45

Store information

Heaton Norris, Heaton Moor, Heaton Mersey or Heaton Chapel; whichever of the Four Heaton’s you’re from, Domino’s Heaton Chapel can deliver a delicious fresh pizza to your door within the hour. You can view the menu and order online now. Whilst you’re there why not sign up for our new text ordering service? It’s a new way to get your favourite pizza.

Back in the 1700’s Heaton Chapel was just a twinkle in Heaton Norris’ eye. Rousing words from preacher Charles Wesley during a visit to Stockport in 1745 fired up the locals to demand another chapel and in 1758 St Thomas’ church became the place of worship for Heaton Chapel. Some 200 years later history was in the making up the road at the Fairey Aviation works on the Crossley Road. Their Fairey Delta 2 aircraft flew into the history books when it became the first aircraft in level flight to exceed 1,000mph. It subsequently contributed to the shape of Concorde and its droop nose.