Pizza Delivery Manchester Denton

Unit A 34 - 38 Manchester Road
M34 3LE Denton
Tel.: 0161 336 6667
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Opening hours

Monday 11:00  -  02:45
Tuesday 11:00  -  02:45
Wednesday 11:00  -  02:45
Thursday 11:00  -  02:45
Friday 11:00  -  02:45
Saturday 11:00  -  02:45
Sunday 11:00  -  02:45

Store information

Take a break from cooking tonight and order a delicious pizza from Domino’s Denton. You can view the menu and order online now. Whilst you’re there why not sign up for our new text ordering service? We’re open every day until late, the hardest part is deciding which is your favourite Domino’s pizza.

A short walk from Domino’s at the former site of Wilson's Hat Factory is a plaque commemorating the women who worked in the hatting industry. This was a dangerous job as mercury used in the felting process led to mercury poisoning or 'Mad Hatter's disease', which caused trembling and insanity - hence the term ‘mad as a hatter’. By the Edwardian period Denton was the largest felt-hat manufacturing centre in Britain. Its success lasted well into the 20th century with the famous ‘Attaboy’ trilby. Another notable Denton landmark is the stunning 500-year old church of St Lawrence known locally as Th'owd Peg (the old peg) because wooden pegs hold its timber frame together.