Pizza Delivery London Feltham

5/5a Cavendish Terrace
TW13 4HE London
Tel.: 0208 831 9595
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Opening hours

Monday 11:00  -  22:45
Tuesday 11:00  -  22:45
Wednesday 11:00  -  22:45
Thursday 11:00  -  22:45
Friday 11:00  -  22:45
Saturday 11:00  -  22:45
Sunday 11:00  -  22:45

Store information

A pizza from Domino’s Feltham is music to the ears so why not order yours today right now? You can view the menu and order online now. Whilst you’re there why not sign up for our new text ordering service? Now you can order a pizza from your mobile even if you’re at a friend’s house.

Feltham is perhaps best known for its Young Offender’s Institution. For such an unassuming area of London Feltham it also seems to have a strange appeal to musicians. Perhaps it is the fact that Freddie Mercury and Brian May (now apparently an astrophysicist), from rock band Queen, both lived here? Oasis filmed the music video for their 1997 hit “Stand By Me” in the old town centre while hip hop band So Solid Crew also chose Feltham as the location for their video for ‘Broken Silence’ on the High Street. Indie rock band Hard-Fi even liked the place so much that they wrote and performed a song called ‘Feltham is Singing Out’.