Pizza Delivery Leamington Spa

118 Regent Street
CV32 4NR Leamington Spa
Tel.: 01926 431144
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Opening hours

Monday 10:00  -  01:00
Tuesday 10:00  -  01:00
Wednesday 10:00  -  01:00
Thursday 10:00  -  01:00
Friday 10:00  -  03:00
Saturday 10:00  -  03:00
Sunday 10:00  -  01:00

Store information

Hungry? Too tired to cook? Why not order a delicious pizza delivered direct to your door from Domino’s Leamington Spa? You can view our full menu and order online now. Whilst you’re there why not register for our new text ordering service? Now it’s even easier to order your favourite Domino’s pizza.

Split across the middle by the River Leam, Leamington’s name comes from the Anglo-Saxon for “farm of the River Leam”. It’s one of the only towns in the UK to have both a prefix and a suffix to its name; the suffix “Spa” came in 1814 with the opening of the Royal Pump Rooms and Baths, which attracted hundreds of visitors for the purportedly curative powers of the local waters, while the “Royal” prefix was granted by Queen Victoria, who visited the town twice. The first tennis club in the world was founded in Leamington in 1872 and it was here that the modern rules of lawn tennis were created. “The Wickedest Man In The World”, Aleister Crowley was born here.