Pizza Delivery Dundee City Quay

Unit 2 City Quay
Victoria Docks, Camperdown Street
DD1 3JA Dundee
Tel.: 01382 220220
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Opening hours

Monday 11:00  -  03:30
Tuesday 11:00  -  03:30
Wednesday 11:00  -  03:30
Thursday 11:00  -  03:30
Friday 11:00  -  03:30
Saturday 11:00  -  03:30
Sunday 11:00  -  03:30

Store information

Domino's Dundee can deliver delicious pizza to your door every day until late. You can view the menu and order online now. Whilst you’re there why not sign up for our new text ordering service? Now you can order great pizza even more easily.

Dundee sits on the banks of the River Tay estuary, on the North Sea. There has been a settlement here since the Iron Age although it was first mentioned in historical records in the 12th century. Dundee has been the location of numerous battles including the 1645 'War of the Three Kingdoms' and 1651 'Third English Civil War'. On a sweeter note, Dundee is supposedly the place were marmalade was invented by Janet Keiller in 1797 (although marmalade has in reality been made in the area since the 1500's); the Keiller brand became a household name and was exported around the world. Journalism is also a major Dundee industry: the town is the home of D.C. Thomson, publishers of The Beano and The Dandy comics (among others.)