Pizza Delivery Airdrie

22a High Street
ML6 0DT Airdrie
Tel.: 01236 749999
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Monday 11:00  -  23:00
Tuesday 11:00  -  23:00
Wednesday 11:00  -  23:00
Thursday 11:00  -  23:00
Friday 11:00  -  23:30
Saturday 11:00  -  23:30
Sunday 11:00  -  23:00

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If you fancy a change then why not order a delicious pizza from Domino's Airdrie? You can view the menu and order online now. Whilst you’re there why not sign up for our new text ordering service? Now you can order your pizza straight from your mobile phone.

On a plateau around 400ft above sea level rests the town of Airdrie in Scotland's North Lanarkshire. 12 miles from Glasgow, Airdrie was the site of the Battle of Arderyth (the town’s ancient name) when Rydderych the Bountiful, the King of Strathclyde, clashed with King Aeddam The Perfidious of Kintyre. One of King Aeddam's supporters was no less than Merlin the Celtic bard who recorded the battle in poetic form. Famous people from Airdrie include author Emily Gerard who collected together in one volume many fine examples of Transylvanian Folklore, which inspired gothic horror writer Bram Stoker to write Dracula. Emily Gerard was also a good friend of famous American writer Mark Twain who she meet in Austria.