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#givethemadominos: great moments in July that deserve a Domino's

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The news has a responsibility to report on the most significant global events at any given time – and, let’s be honest, most of it’s depressing and makes us all feel pretty sad.  But we like to focus on greatness wherever we can, and we’re pleased to report that the world has been busy excelling itself throughout the month of July. Good deeds, brilliant decisions, excellent work – it’s all been going on. Here are a few of our favourite great moments, and remember: next time you witness an act of greatness, just #givethemadominos.

1. Animal Rescue Corps in America

…for rescuing 132 dogs and four parrots from a puppy mill in Virginia. Here’s Noisette, one of the rescued pups, enjoying her first cuddle with her foster carer:

2. The great minds behind Monty Python

…who decided that a huge sculpture of a dead Norwegian Blue parrot was the only reasonable way to celebrate the return of the show.

Monty-Python-dead-parrotSource: David Perry/PA Wire

3. JK Rowling

…for writing a story about Harry when he’s older, complete with greying hair and battle wounds from his super cool top secret job as an Auror.


4. These Japanese artists

…who make incredible art out of sand. SAND.

Sand artSource: Getty Images

5. The Brazilian football team and its fans

…because, well, y’know – look:

Brazil-fan-1Source: Getty Images/Laurence Griffiths

6. This diver

…who saves a turtle trapped in a net, and then gets personally thanked by the turtle.

7. This guy with a megaphone

…who distributed lots of great moments to passers-by from his car. Basically, he thinks everyone is brilliant and hot. And tells them about it.

8. This ex-employee

…who returned the $200 she stole 15 years earlier.

letter-from-Pamela_HedgesSource: KLKN

 9. The parents of this child

…who, by giving their daughter a puppy, caused her to totally freak out with delight. We know that’s a lot of animal stories, but hey, you can’t help what makes you smile now, can you?

10. Kate and Wills

…who celebrated one of life’s great moments – their son’s first birthday – with the best gift we can possibly imagine. Just look at the wonder and joy on their royal faces. Go on, Domino’s for the whole fam!

Prince George

Any more great moments from July that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below!