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New from Domino’s: the Edibox

By Domino's on 31-03-14 in

We are ridiculously excited to announce the launch of the #DominosEdibox, a world first in snackaging innovation.

Press Release

So here’s the story behind the box: we found out recently, through conducting customer surveys, that the crust is overwhelmingly the most popular part of the pizza experience, and also that the majority of Domino’s devotees crave extra crust once they’ve finished their meal. These findings, along with our love of surprising people and pushing boundaries, led us to the Edibox. With every future Domino’s delivery, you’ll see the Edibox upgrade option: double the dough to enjoy alongside double the glorious garlic and herb dip. And the best bit? You won’t have to fight to fit that square box into a round bin – this is a waste-free dining experience.

Sarah from Scousecran, a renowned foodie blog up in Liverpool, was involved in the development of the box, from conception all the way through to the final working prototype. We caught up with her on the eve of the launch, and here’s what she had to say: ‘It’s been such a blast being involved in developing the Edibox. It was a pretty tough task – pizza dough is known for being particularly tricky to handle – so we had to be super patient and work together as a team. But what we’ve created is fantastic: it’s fun, eco-friendly and filling. What more could you ask from a pizza box? I can’t wait to hear what people think of it.’

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  1. Sarah Dowdall says:

    Sounds great, what comes to mind is when they put the pizza in the edibox will they be wearing gloves ?

  2. jodie says:

    Aprils fool ha ha

  3. Gav says:

    What do they package the package in? Would love to eat it after sitting in the boot of a car…

  4. Jon Bentham says:

    Nice April Fool!

  5. Catherine says:

    When are these available from and are they available in Northern Ireland

  6. louise says:

    april fool

  7. Becky akid says:

    April fool?

  8. kirsty says:

    thinking april fools here, folks!

  9. Marty says:

    That’s gonna take some beating, this could be the best April fools of the year

  10. laura Aitken says:

    How will this be hygienic? Aswell as hands of delivery drivers whome touch there steering wheels etc u also have to consider the bags that transport the food will they be cleaned after every delivery? Id like to know more about the transportation of the product from the shop to the door.

  11. Ashley holmes says:

    Yeah yeah, nice April fools!

  12. EM says:

    April fools?

  13. Tom Cadman says:

    Why are you worrying about them wearing gloves when they don’t wear gloves to make the pizza?

  14. Craig says:

    April fools, nearly had me, lol, awesome idea though!

  15. Jon Bradbury says:

    Hey April fools!

  16. john says:

    would be more concerned about how they are going to deliver it to you after the delivery driver well driving around and touching other stuff. defeats the purpose a little if they send it in another box lol

  17. APRIL FOOLS! says:

    You seriously can’t believe ANYONE is gullible enough to believe this?!

  18. Dan says:

    Getting the April fools in nice and early there Dominos :)

  19. Terry Callender says:

    April fools day comes to mind lol

  20. Jamie McGillivray says:

    Do I get a free pizza for spotting the April Fool????? :)

  21. DongaTon says:

    Sarah Dowdall, take a bow…. :)

  22. Bill James says:

    Happy April Fools Day

  23. Graham Crowder says:

    Does this one come in April Fool flavour? :)

  24. megan says:

    Excellent, so the launch is April the 1st right?

  25. Dean spooner says:

    Am I the only one who smells an April fool here

  26. lynn says:

    is this really hygienic ?

  27. Fasial says:

    April fools much hahaha

  28. Minnie Mouse says:


  29. David says:

    Happy April Fools Day!

  30. martyntr says:

    Happy April 1st… ;)

  31. Scott Moss says:

    good effort-April! Nearly got me.

  32. Chris says:

    April fools lol

  33. Sad Muppet says:

    April Fool I am not :)

  34. Daniel Christian says:

    Exclusive only to April the 1st I assume? haha ;-)

  35. Nicola says:

    How inventive. I can’t see it lasting past midday though! ;-)

  36. Deborah Ann rice says:

    Happy April fools day ,

  37. sean says:

    interesting… I’d prefer it without the food dye… and so what we gotta just eat this thing that some delivery dude had his paws all over? how long does it stay fresh?

  38. Simon Bilbert says:

    April Fools Day!

  39. Vanessa Walker says:

    April fool!!

  40. Ryan Hynd says:

    April fools day folks

  41. G says:

    If the box is edible, how will it be stored for delivery?

  42. Craig Stafford says:


  43. Daz says:

    All I am going to say is April the 1st good effort though I nearly fell for it.

  44. Richard Holt says:

    April 1st. It’s going to be a long day…..

  45. Tim says:

    April fools, Sarah! Lol

  46. Nicci harmer says:

    April fools :)

  47. JW says:

    Nice April Fools!!!!!!

  48. Richard says:

    Very funny – happy April Fool’s Day.

  49. Verg says:

    April Fool, Suckers!

  50. Jsa87 says:

    April fool me thinks.

  51. Rach says:

    April fools to you too!

  52. Rachel says:

    April fool, right….!!

  53. Arran west says:

    Well done guys! Nice April fools here ;)

  54. Clare says:

    April fool??

  55. Chloe says:

    Sounds interesting but I have to say will gloves be worn throughout the prosess of the order will it touch sides?
    Also if being deliver how is it going to be protected ?

  56. Lee says:

    April fools….

  57. Clare says:


  58. Emma Norton says:

    Happy April 1st dominos :)

  59. Georgina says:

    April Fool?

  60. Maria Khan says:

    How will they deliver? with their hands in a one of their bikers bag. Not a good idea as very unhygienic.

  61. Sam Wadhams says:

    What a time to be alive.

  62. mike dixon says:

    great, love the idea, yum, yum.
    Guessing this advert won’t be around tomorrow though ;-)

  63. Simon says:

    Wow. Incredible and I’m sure April 1st is nothing more than a coincidence!!!

  64. Tony romano says:

    APRLL FOOOLS !!!!!!!!

  65. Chipes McSkwar says:

    April fools.

  66. Carole Jane says:

    This has to be a April fools day joke ?..

  67. mp says:

    April fools anyone?

  68. Tom walters says:

    Must be a April fool!

  69. Alex Wilkinson says:

    Smells more of April fool than pizza…

  70. Daniel says:

    Happy April 1st :-)

  71. Jj says:

    April fools….

  72. Tony says:

    Happy April 1st………

  73. Ann Smead says:

    April Fool? Surely!

  74. Jenna says:

    Happy April fool

  75. Mike s says:

    Lol April fools to you too. Really? Edible boxes, nice idea but obviously an April fools joke.

  76. Laura says:

    April fools?

  77. steve montgomery says:

    April fool

  78. matthew cooper says:


  79. Hiten says:

    Happy April Fools! I may as well have a pizza for Dinner tonight!

  80. Sam says:

    Happy April fool’s day

  81. April fool says:

    Nice try ! Happy April fools day !! :-) )

  82. Tom says:

    That’ll be a first class doughlivery!

  83. Rie says:

    Eeerrrrrr Sarah, it’s April 1st!!!!!!

  84. Amanda says:

    Seriously you got me April fool

  85. Darylwilliamramsey@live.co.uk says:

    Clearly April fools! Haha

  86. Laura says:

    It has to be an April Fool surely?!

  87. Paul says:

    Best April Fool so far! Well done!

  88. Laura says:

    An April fool surely?!

  89. Emma Houghton says:

    Is this an April Fools…? :D

  90. PizzaFan says:

    April fools – a good one to be fair shame :(

  91. Frank Vertannes says:

    This has to be one of the best April fools joke out there today.
    Having said that, it would be a great idea!
    We’ll done

  92. Ant says:

    Happy April Fools Day !!

  93. Kirt says:

    Ha ha!! April Fools!! ;)

  94. Matt Harlow says:

    Great idea!! However APRIL FOOLS!!!

  95. Steeeeeeevy Weeeevy says:


    Nice try, Dominos :)

  96. Steve L says:

    Its an April Fool’s day joke……….goodness me!

  97. James says:

    Good April Fools joke there Dominoes.

  98. Gary Fenemore says:

    Sarah, I’m not sure you are aware of the date?

  99. Julie says:

    How can this be hygienic? How will it be stored in the delivery bag – am hoping it will be sealed in something?

  100. Matt says:

    April 1st…..nice try!

  101. Nicola Green says:

    APRIL FOOLS!!!! lol

  102. Teresa Bill says:

    I will need lots of dips for that!!

  103. Doh !!!! says:

    April Fool !!!

  104. Colin says:

    April Fool’s!

  105. Caroline elyssia says:

    April fools!!!!!

  106. Cheesy says:

    April fools

  107. Crusty Doh says:

    Tee hee -April Fool – the existing cardboard box is more tasty. :-)

  108. Chris says:

    What’s the date today?

  109. James says:

    Great idea. However today is April 1st so I am not convinced

  110. Jan McConnell says:

    Happy April fools day!!

  111. Angela Young says:

    Happy April Fools Day.

  112. Terry carter says:

    Amazing how you chose to launch this on April 1st anyone would think its a April fools, oh yes it is lol

  113. Charlotte says:

    April fool?

  114. Mark channon says:

    Happy April fools day to you to

  115. Kevin Kilroy says:

    Must be an April Fools???

  116. Askgar says:

    Well played, you almost caught me out.

  117. Karl H says:


  118. JJ says:

    April Fool….

  119. Tim says:

    It’s an April fool…

  120. serena says:

    how are they going to wrap it for transportation/delivery then?

  121. daniel says:

    lol is it an april fools thing ? i want one

  122. Will Greenhalgh says:

    Hilarious. All the comments concerning hygiene…. Ha ha!

  123. clare says:

    Fab April fools almost had me there.

  124. Omnia Mutantur says:

    Gah! I want my edible box, and I want it now! Cruelest April Fools’ ever. That was a whole two-and-half seconds of mouth-watering excitement, followed by crushing realisation. Curse you, Domino’s!

  125. Scott says:

    Has anyone pointed out it might be an April Fool yet ?

  126. Chris H says:

    Wish this wasn’t an April fools, the crust is awesome

  127. Rufus says:

    I so wish this wasn’t an April fool, mmmmmmmmm

  128. lindsey carr says:

    April fools day comes to mind yay April fools!

  129. kurt says:

    Yummy! Dominos for dinner!

  130. Adam says:

    I know this is an April fools but I want one with my next pizza. Don’t disappoint me dominoes

  131. NickG says:

    Amazes me how thick people can be… Well done dominos!

  132. Gayle Murray says:

    Brilliant! It might be an April Fool but great idea! Iron out the tweaks and do it!

  133. Alex says:

    Should have called it the Breadbox.

  134. Mike says:

    A box lunch. No anchovies. No pizza. Just the box please!

  135. becky says:

    Look how serious and uptight people are lol Awesome April fools :D !


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