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Domino’s Winter Survival Deal

By Domino's on 30-12-13 in

The post-Christmas blues have kicked in, it’s cold and dark outside, and you need a little cheering up. We know that those purse strings are tight after the festive splurge, so help is at hand with the latest Domino’s deal – a large pizza and three sides for £14.99.

What do you get?

- 1 x large pizza (any!)
- 1 x garlic pizza bread
- 1 x potato wedges
- 1 x twisted dough balls. Choose from our savoury options – cheese, pepperoni, hot dog (with or without mustard) or jalapeño, or if you fancy something a little sweeter, try our new chocolate twisted dough balls.

Ready to order?

If that’s tickled your taste buds, have a look at the options below to see which is the best deal for you:

Feeding one or two?

- Winter survival deal with savoury twisted dough balls – £14.99
- Winter survival deal with chocolate twisted dough balls – £14.99

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With a little help from Domino’s, you’ll be feeling full, toasty, and ready to face the world again in no time!

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  1. Jamie says:

    So you’ve taken away the link for the Pizza tracker, but you’ve added a twitter feed?? Makes no sense.

    • Domino's Pizza says:

      Hi Jamie, Pizza tracker is still available on the main site. You can view it on the confirmation page once you’ve placed an order.

  2. Rebecca Millington says:

    Dear Dominos HQ,

    I am a big fan of your pizzas, congratulations on providing such a great product. However, I was very disappointed to find that your usually ‘easy -to-use’ and clear website ,mislead me somewhat with regards to the Winter Survival special. I have been trying to order two large pizzas + some twisted dough balls when I noticed on your website the following offer: Winter survival deal with two large pizzas and savoury twisted dough balls – £19.99. I clicked through to make the most of this deal (which happened to match my sought after order) but could not get the discount to apply (even when using the meal wizard). I then searched the terms and conditions of this offer, but couldn’t find it (only the 14.99 deal appeared). I assume that this offer is either out of date or never existed but can’t help but feel rather deflated after wasting much of my time trying to find details of the offer on your website, which i had hoped would be correct and up to date. I would be most grateful if you could please respond to my enquiry and explain why this unfortunate incident occurred. Many thanks. Rebecca

    • Domino's Pizza says:

      Hi Rebecca, Sorry to hear you’ve been having issues ordering.It would appear that your store is no longer running the £19.99 deal, however, we do still have over 700 stores running it.

  3. Scott says:

    Tried to order the winter survival online – it is charging me full price…. no deal applied! Also, this was going to be the only thing that made me order from here again (pity it failed really) my local Dominos in Feltham has been late the last 3 times I have ordered, twice it would have been quicker to walk to the shop, buy a pizza and cook it – plus that would have had the added bonus of needing to microwave pizza by the slice as I eat it. No amount of ‘sorry we are late’ vouchers can make up for it.


  4. Thomas says:

    The Dominos Winter Survival Deal is magnificent! every Friday we get this deal delivered to the SU. Perfect for chilling out and watching the footy with my friends


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