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Athletics: epic fails

With more world-class sports set to grace our screens this week, we’re all geared up for some fantastic viewing. But instead of celebrating the incredible physical prowess of those competing – that’d be too easy – we’re celebrating the greatness of epic fails in athletics over the years instead. Featuring pole vault palavers, javelin japes […]

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World Cup: best goals and worst misses

The World Cup is in full swing, so what better time to pull together some of the best goals and most embarrassing moments from past years? In between the action of 2014′s matches, marvel at Stoichkov’s unbelievably smooth skills, and cradle your head in your hands at a few of the more, um, cringe-worthy misses. […]

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Father’s Day: Guide to dad dancing

Something mysterious happens when men become dads: a deep-seated need to click, point, and shimmy around the dance floor reveals itself, along with a certain satisfaction in embarrassing all family members in the immediate vicinity. According to our recent survey, 42 percent of kids across the nation admit they wish their dads were better dancers. […]

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10 instances in which a pizza slice greatly improves your life

As Ronan Keating once wisely observed, ‘life is a rollercoaster’. And so, with all of its ups and downs, with everything it throws at you – from that jubilant feeling when you discover a fiver lurking at the bottom of your pocket to that bitter anger when you step on yet another upturned plug – […]

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Comic strip: A dough in the life

Bikini season is on the way, and it’s not just us humans who need to pop to the spa to look our best before the summer starts: at Domino’s, our pizza makers go to incredible lengths to make sure our dough balls look as sizzling hot as possible every single day. From intense deep-dough massages […]

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#pizzapolitics quiz: What kind of pizza eater are you?

How you eat your pizza is a personal thing. It’s a cultivated, finely honed technique that allows you to enjoy your meal without fear of collapsed dough, ruined clothes or any other unnecessary dining tension. So which type of pizza eater are you? An aggressive tearer, or an indecisive picker? An organised folder, or a […]

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#givethemadominos: 14 instances of greatness that must be celebrated

Quite a few brilliant things have happened recently, and we thought it was about time they were celebrated. From tuneful lions to grumpy show cats, from spine-tingling bowling action to heart-warming good deeds, we salute all of these acts of excellence and encourage you, the next time you see someone being great, to #givethemadominos. 1. […]

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Menu bloopers from around the world

One of the great joys of going abroad is discovering exciting new cuisine – and along with it some of the fantastic mistranslations and spelling mistakes that pop up on restaurant menus. Sure, it’s more representative of our own ignorance that we can’t speak the local language, and definitely couldn’t translate a menu if our […]

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The perfect Valentine’s night in

Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is upon us. Even if it’s not usually your cup of tea, whether you’re single, married, dating or ‘it’s complicated’, how about viewing V-Day this year as a chance to treat yourself? Skip the crowded restaurants full of fawning couples, make yourself comfy at home and have the […]

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10 cheesy chat-up lines from films

Everyone loves a bit of cheese, whether it’s a pizza topping, a 90s pop tune or a corny pick-up line. With Valentine’s Day in mind, where better to source some amorous inspiration than the silver screen, the home of some of the world’s great romances? To get you in the mood for love, we’ve pulled […]