Valentine’s Day: best (and worst) chat-up lines as provided by Twitter

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us, people. For singletons, this will mean a celebration of romance that will either depress or inspire; for the loved up, it signifies an excuse for unashamed soppiness and compulsory flower buying. Regardless, 14 February is universally synonymous with chocolate eating, film watching and an embarrassing moment or two. Whether you plan to send an anonymous […]

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Winter survival tips: battling the January blues, Bear Grylls-style

Featured image: Homeornaments.com All right – it’s cold outside. Christmas is over, and winter isn’t cute anymore. You’re wearing all your layers, the dodgy festive scarf from Nan, the cat, the lot, and you’re still freezing. The only way to get one over on the bitter weather is by staying in your bedroom – all the time. […]


Quiz: What should your New Year’s resolution really be?

Feature image credit: Health.com Ah, January – a time of harsh reflection on the highs and lows of the year just gone, of the things we should have said or wish we’d never said, of the late nights and bad outfits and questionable dance moves. We’re all supposed to spring back to life in the […]


#givethatdudeadominos: great moments from December that deserve a Domino’s

Feature image credit: Global News What a merry old month December’s been. After weeks of build-up, Christmas finally happened – we ate (and boy did we eat), we drank, we slumped in front of endless festive flicks, and we suffered the inevitable Christmas comedown. There’s no need to feel too glum, though, as we’ve got another […]

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Christmas shopping survival guide: reasons to stay warm and shop indoors

Feature image credit: Shilp Kala Mart Forget the gooey, fuzzy, sparkly spirit of Christmas – when it comes to gift shopping, a more sinister side is awakened in all of us. As the big day edges closer, the weather goes all cold and soggy, it gets dark after lunch time, and Christmas shoppers are flapping around like headless chickens, climbing over […]