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Introducing the Tummy Translator app

When you think about the number of potential meal combinations on our menu – what with standard pizzas, sides and desserts, not to mention customisable alternatives – the mind boggles. And with more choice comes more responsibility when the time comes to order: what shall I have? How do I choose? What if I pick the wrong […]

Crepes feature

Weird and wonderful pancake fillings for Pancake Day 2015

Feature image credit: WCS blog We’re big fans of any large, flat, round, dough-based food – just in case you haven’t noticed – so Pancake Day (or Pancake Week, as we prefer to experience it) always brings with it particularly high levels of excitement. And although chocolate spread is an excellent staple, we’d like to encourage you to push […]


Best comfort food to boost your mood this winter

It’s still pretty darn cold outside, there are basically no daylight hours, summer’s aeons away – so, naturally, our collective mood is suffering. But there are things you can do to help that don’t involve hopping on a plane to the Maldives or booking yourself into an eye-wateringly expensive spa weekend. Oh no. Boosting your mood […]


Stuffed crust issues: crust-related tweets as motivational posters

What? You think that tweets about crusts can’t be made into motivational posters? Well, you’d be… right, probably. But we’ve only gone and done it anyway! You might be surprised to learn how much emotion you’ll find on Twitter regarding the mighty stuffed crust as a dinner option, and there are some pretty hefty topics […]


Disgusting food you've learnt to love

Many of us can recall being tricked into eating  disgusting food: the intimidating fork aeroplane, zooming towards your reluctant face, the promise of prizes if you force down that final pea, the whole family racing each other to shove in all their salad. These experiences left many of us scarred throughout our teenage years, and […]