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2015 events we’re really excited about

Feature image credit: Doyugames.com So we’re mid-way through January, with the rest of 2015 stretching interminably in front of us before Christmas comes back around. But just because 2014 had lots of great moments – that match during the World Cup in Brazil, the Oscar selfie, Kim Kardashian breaking the internet with her famous assets – it doesn’t mean that 2015 will […]

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10 of the best Christmas films

Christmas movies are like any indulgence – you’ve got to be strict with yourself to get the most enjoyment out of them. Indulge too little, and you don’t quite scratch the Yuletide itch. Indulge too much, and you can kill the Christmas spirit outright. The ideal way to do Christmas films is to be strict with […]


The Scariest Food Scenes in Film History

Well, folks, it’s Halloween next week, and we must admit that we’re more excited than a bunch of seven-year-olds who’ve eaten too much cake. The pumpkin carving, the excessive amounts of food and sweet treats, the scary films that have you hiding behind the sofa before the opening music even starts playing – there’s nothing […]

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Countdown to spring: perfect film + pizza pairings

Spring officially starts on March 20, which means we have 10 more glorious evenings of unadulterated, snuggly, wintry joy to savour. In order to squeeze out every last drop of cosy night-in goodness, we’ve put together a countdown of 10 film and pizza partnerships that we think complement each other particularly well. Whether you’re an […]

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10 cheesy chat-up lines from films

Everyone loves a bit of cheese, whether it’s a pizza topping, a 90s pop tune or a corny pick-up line. With Valentine’s Day in mind, where better to source some amorous inspiration than the silver screen, the home of some of the world’s great romances? To get you in the mood for love, we’ve pulled […]

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Food + film: The ultimate combo

There’s no doubt that chowing down on some delicious fodder while watching your favourite movie is one of life’s great pleasures, but what about food in films? We’ve taken a look at some classic foodie moments in movies over the years. Do you agree? What have we missed? Have your say in the comments below!

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December DVD releases

If there’s one thing everyone loves, it’s a night in with a good film. So if you’re looking for guaranteed stocking-filler-success, you can’t go far wrong with a good DVD. With that in mind, we caught up with some film industry insiders to get their pick of the best December DVD releases. Nick de Semlyen […]