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10 of the best Christmas films

Christmas movies are like any indulgence – you’ve got to be strict with yourself to get the most enjoyment out of them. Indulge too little, and you don’t quite scratch the Yuletide itch. Indulge too much, and you can kill the Christmas spirit outright. The ideal way to do Christmas films is to be strict with […]

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Christmas shopping survival guide: reasons to stay warm and shop indoors

Feature image credit: Shilp Kala Mart Forget the gooey, fuzzy, sparkly spirit of Christmas – when it comes to gift shopping, a more sinister side is awakened in all of us. As the big day edges closer, the weather goes all cold and soggy, it gets dark after lunch time, and Christmas shoppers are flapping around like headless chickens, climbing over […]

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Design your own onesie competition

Feature image credit: Beloved Shirts THIS COMPETITION HAS NOW CLOSED. WHILE YOU’RE HERE, WHY NOT HAVE A READ OF THE REST OF THE BLOG? Over the years, we’ve got the pizza-eating experience down to a fine art. We’re not just talking about the pizza itself (and the many accompanying delicacies), but all of the other elements […]


#givethatdudeadominos: great moments from November that deserve a Domino’s

Feature image credit: Wallpaper Rose It’s been a bit of a wet one, November. But Christmas is on the way (hooray!) and we’ve got a brand new selection of great moments from the last month to share with you that are sure to relieve any dampened spirits. Once again, we’ve been on the hunt for […]


Competition: win the new Nokia Lumia 735 phone

The latest Windows phone, the Nokia Lumia 735 (nicknamed the ‘Superman’), is dedicated to making selfie-taking and Skyping as easy as possible. For those of you who like to chat – and ‘face-to-face’ at that – Skype is integrated into the phone, while its 5-mega pixel front-facing camera makes for some faff-free, high-quality selfies. It’s even got […]

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The ultimate gift guide for gamers

Feature image credit: ESL Gaming/TRICKWELT If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you’ll know that we really love gaming. Like, a lot. In our opinion, there’s nothing better than a lazy Sunday spent chowing down on last night’s leftovers, drawing the curtains tight, donning your slippers and spending some quality gaming time with yourself. […]

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The best video games of 2014

As the end of another year draws closer, we thought we’d look back on our favourite video games of 2014. There have been so many big releases over the past 12 months that our thumbs are aching and our eyes are sore, but boy, has it been worth it! And with winter closing in, we’re […]

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How to get on a reality TV show

Summer is well and truly behind us: the nights are getting longer, the days are getting greyer and the lure of the great indoors is almost too much to bear. This time of year can only mean one thing for Saturday nights: delicious pizza and hours of reality TV. The new series of The X Factor and Strictly […]


#givethatdudeadominos: great moments from October that deserve a Domino’s

Ah, what an excellent month it’s been all round. The weather’s getting all mysterious and wintry, the leaves on the trees have turned golden, orange and brown, and Halloween happened, which is always the most fun. And, because we like to spread a little joy as well as toppings across our pizzas, we’ve dug out […]


Halloween quiz: How quickly would you die in a horror film?

The spookiest day of the year is nearly upon us, and there’s only one thing for it: a Halloween quiz, of course! Perhaps you’re planning on a fancy-dress night out, wearing your big hair and frightening make-up with pride, or maybe your perfect Hallowe’en adventure is an autumnal night in with pizza, toffee apples and […]