Bank holiday inspiration: cardboard arts and crafts

By Domino's on 02-05-14 in

With yet another bank holiday coming up – April and May are really spoiling us – we’ve put together a guide for kids, parents and other crafty folk on how to get creative with pizza boxes and other types of cardboard over the long weekend. From thrifty homebodies who want to build their very own fairytale doll’s house, to football fanatics who are feeling a little too lazy for a proper game, there’s an inventive, fun and super cheap option for every member of the family. So get ready to feel inspired, spend time together and be green – all at the same time. Bit crafty yourself? Feeling inspired? Take a pic of your creation and share it with the hashtag #dominoscardcrafts

1. Pizza box battleships

A couple of pizza boxes, some DIY cardboard counters for each player, and plenty of sly tactics are all you need for some homemade battleships fun – this one’s particularly good for keeping bored children occupied on a rainy day.

Pizza box battleshipsVia Simple Little Home

2. DIY doll’s house

A few cardboard boxes and an old interiors magazine (or those lifestyle mags that come free with the Sunday paper) later, and you’ll have a made-it-yourself mansion to be superbly house proud about. Fill your house with miniature cardboard cut-outs of your favourite celebrities – you could even make like Phoebe from Friends and add a ghost in the attic. No? Okay.

Doll houseVia Pinterest

3. Pizza box chair

Yes, we’ve featured him on here before, but just look at how brilliant this is. Sit back and relax in the garden after constructing your very own bespoke, eco-friendly pizza box pew. You’ll have to eat a lot of pizzas, mind you, but that’s no bad thing now, is it?

Pizza box chairVia Pinterest

4. Cardboard puppet show theatre

Help the little ones connect with their inner thespian, and challenge them to create their own puppet show theatre. All they’ll need is a couple of cardboard boxes, some spare wrapping paper and a couple of pieces of cloth to build their venue – they can get seriously creative with the exterior decorating, too.

Cardboard puppet showVia Teigland

5. Tabletop football

If playing outside isn’t an option, recycle an old pizza box and turn it into a tabletop football pitch. Grab some green card to line the bottom, draw on the appropriate lines, and use scrunched-up cotton wool as your ball. Each player gets a straw, and the most patient participant (or the one with the biggest lungs…) will emerge victorious.

Tabletop footballVia Spoonful

6. Egg carton seed boxes

For the green-fingered among you, use half an egg carton as a seed planter and encourage the kids to grow their own. Get in some seeds for whatever you fancy – flowers, veggies, whatever – and have a bit of fun getting soil everywhere. It’s inevitable, so embrace it!

Egg box seed trayVia Rainy Day Mum

7. Pizza box solar oven

Talk about recycling: these DIY ovens use old food containers to make more food! Genius! Fix some foil to the ‘oven’ lid, prop it up with a stick and cover your baking area with a sheet of plastic. Lots of sites recommend making s’mores (melted chocolate and marshmallows sandwiched between crackers), but we think you should make whatever you like.

Pizza box solar ovenVia Perkins

8. Cardboard castle

If you’re feeling particularly crafty (and you have a lot of time to spare), channel your inner soldier and build yourself a cardboard fortress, complete with drawbridge, ladders, watchtower and turrets. Hours of fun.

Cardboard castleVia Nerdy With Children

9. Pizza box statues

Oh, the fun that can be had with pizza boxes, dips and stickers. Build your very own robot (and robot’s best friend, robot dog) for kids to play with or for adults to admire proudly as it sits on top of the mantelpiece.

Domino's robot and dog

10. Cardboard shadow puppets

For a super simple DIY theatre: take a cardboard box, cut out a square in the side, cover it in baking parchment, cut out some cardboard characters and shine a light through it. Tada! Shadow puppet perfection.

Cardboard shadow puppetsVia Classic Play

Have you seen any amazing cardboard crafts out there? Inspired to make your own this weekend? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to share a picture of them with the hashtag #dominoscardcrafts