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Quiz: how are you at being British?

By Domino's on 06-08-14 in

Ah, being stereotypically British. It’s pretty great. Sure, it involves feeling socially uncomfortable, self-conscious and immediately regretful most of the time. Sure, you feel like you’ve been kicked in the stomach when you smile back at someone who it turns out was actually smiling at the person behind you. Sure, it involves a compulsive need to talk about the weather, traffic and travel in general when all other conversational topics have been exhausted. But where would we be without these crippling, inconvenient social requirements? What would happen if we all went around, confident, self-assured and assertive? IMAGINE THE MAYHEM. No, this is better. This is definitely better.

So how are you at being British? Take our quiz and share your result on social. Please. If you wouldn’t mind too much. Thanks a lot.

If you feel that this quiz was inconclusive or depicted you inaccurately (quite possible), there are a number of other indications that you’re suffering from an acute case of being stereotypically British. These include:

– feeling more at home in a pub than you do in your actual home
– choosing to miss your train instead of running for it and risking looking stupid
– running out of ways to say thank you
– defaulting to ‘Fine, thanks’, whatever the question
– loving puns
– feeling deeply let down when you wave someone in to a queue of traffic and they don’t acknowledge you
– worrying that you’re coming across as rude, even though you’re definitely not
– thinking tea without milk is nothing short of madness
– apologising to someone because you happened to be walking through the same doorway at the same time
– getting impossibly angry when customers don’t let passengers off the train first, please.

Got any more ‘being British’ classics? See yourself in any of these ticks, bugbears and habits? Let us know in the comments section below!