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Athletics: epic fails

By Domino's on 21-07-14 in

With more world-class sports set to grace our screens this week, we’re all geared up for some fantastic viewing. But instead of celebrating the incredible physical prowess of those competing – that’d be too easy – we’re celebrating the greatness of epic fails in athletics over the years instead. Featuring pole vault palavers, javelin japes and hurdling horrors – here are some of our favourite athletics adventures that, despite best intentions and admirable effort, didn’t quite go to plan.

1. Unfortunate pole vaulter

Leaping over a bar by holding on to the end of a huge bendy stick – pole vaulting is one of mankind’s weirder sporting events. While we have plenty of respect for this young man’s admirable agility, we’re not sure the whole ‘sitting on the pole in midair’ thing is considered best pole vaulting practice.

2. Pommel horse head butter

It’s such a shame that this routine didn’t come off – his commitment to the run as he approaches the horse is admirable. The head butt was pretty full-on, and the cloud of chalk that emerges from the horse adds to the drama of it all.

3. Rule-breaking hurdler

You know that thing where you’re hurdling away, and then you just think: ‘Today I do not feel like jumping.’ So you punch some of the hurdles out of the way, veer into someone else’s lane, and then act as if nothing happened. No? Oh.

4. Long jump collider

It’s fine to show – and laugh at – this video, right? One of the Olympics’ most epic fails, they’re both conscious and looking quite grumpy at the end, so we reckon it is. In any case, there’s a valuable lesson to be learnt here: look both ways before you cross the athletics track.

5. Hurdling headbanger

Down goes the face-planter in red, quickly followed by his competitor in white, who does a full-on flip over the hurdle. And then gets up and carries on, without looking back. Harsh.

6. Pole vault wanderer

We particularly enjoyed this man’s use of the pole vault as a means to get a better view of the surroundings from a variety of perspectives. Not sure it’s worth it if you have to land like that, mind you.

7. Admirable improviser

It’s not the best feeling – falling over at the finish line while your loved ones look on, ashamed. So let’s all take a leaf out of this butter-toed sprinter’s book, and turn a fall into something fabulous. Namely: the worm.

8. Hurdling quitters

Yeah, okay, ‘quitters’ is probably a bit harsh – there didn’t seem to be much choice in the matter. Still, it’s excellent entertainment to see half of the competitors drop like flies during the 100m hurdle sprint. First there were eight…

9. Failed celebration

Not only does this man look very much like one of the 118 men, but he also gifted spectators one of the worst post-win celebrations we’ve ever seen. If you’re going to show off, do it right. And if you can’t do it right the first time, do it right the second time. And if you can’t do it right the second time, push a hurdle over and jog off with your shorts slightly tucked into your pants. Classy.

10. Discus failure

We’re still not totally clear on what the discus is all about, but it’s a round pizza-shaped thing, so we quite like it. This kid probably doesn’t, though.

What are your favourite sporting epic fails? Got any better ones? Link to the YouTube video in the comments section below, and we’ll do a Part II of your faves.