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Comic strip: A dough in the life

By Domino's on 28-04-14 in

Bikini season is on the way, and it’s not just us humans who need to pop to the spa to look our best before the summer starts: at Domino’s, our pizza makers go to incredible lengths to make sure our dough balls look as sizzling hot as possible every single day. From intense deep-dough massages to specially formulated tomato sauce body wraps, we devote serious time and effort to getting them dolled up for when they arrive at your door – and only the most indulgent pampering will do. Whether it’s a fresh pepperoni facial or a mozzarella eye mask, our truly luxurious dough ball experience just makes them extra delicious.

Experience a dough in the life – where being plump and squidgy is something to celebrate.
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