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20 reasons to be cheerful

By Domino's on 20-01-14 in

According to modern folklore, suspicious social media polls and unscientific research, today, the third Monday in January, is the most depressing day of the year. Why? Apparently, it’s something to do with dreary weather, spiralling credit card bills and restrictive New Year’s resolutions. But why embrace hopelessness when there are just as many, if not more, reasons to be cheerful? Here are 20 to turn your frown upside down on the 20th January.

1. January = cold = staying inside with a cuppa. Mmmm.

1 nice inside-Via Tumblr

2. Hats, gloves and scarves are still necessary. You can be inventive about it, too – there’s no need to stick to convention.

2 horse gloves ears-Via gifak.net

3. Is there anything better than a warm pair of slippers? Oprah loves hers so much that she wears them out shopping – fair play, Oprah. Fair play.

3 oprah slippers- Via Daily Mail

4. You just got a load of Christmas presents, remember?

4 Christmas presents baby- Via Ten Mania

5. There’s almost certainly some Christmas chocolate left over, and it’s your duty to eat it before it goes off. Go, eat!

5 leftover chocolate- Via Ten Mania

6. The January sales are on, so brave the crowds, grab a bargain, and surf the aisles on a trolley. OK, maybe not that last one.

6 sales shopping trolley- Via Tumblr

7. Although New Year’s resolutions can be a bit of a drag, you get to feel all virtuous and good.

7 Beyonce ny resolutions- Via Tumblr

8. Cats: because there’s nothing more uplifting that watching a cat attack its own tail.

8 cat own tail- Via 4GIFS.com

9. A tiny dog, wearing trousers, going downstairs on just its front legs? What more do you want from life?

9 dog stairs- Via The Bark Post

10. Karaoke, of course. Frankly, if squawking along to cheesy songs in a confined space with your friends isn’t fun, then we have no idea what is. Sing it, girl!

10 karaoke- Via Tumblr

11. Babies eating lemons for the first time. Just look at that face – look at it!

11 baby lemon gif- Via Tumblr

12. Babies watching paper being ripped up. It doesn’t look like much to us, but apparently it’s funnier than anything else to a baby. And that laughter really is infectious.

13.  You’ve got to feel uplifted by the sheer conviction of this Beyoncé fan when invited to sing with the bootylicious lady herself:

14. There’s nothing more joyous than surrendering yourself to the music and dancing like your life depends on it:

14 dancing gif- Via Tumblr

15The Wolf of Wall Street just came out, and it looks brilliant. Book a cinema trip with your pals, order some popcorn, and feast.

15 film- Via Tumblr

16Final Fantasy XIII is out next month. Controllers (and Domino’s) at the ready for a gaming all-nighter!

16 pizza celebration- Via Tumblr

17. Getting post: it shouldn’t be quite such a thrill, but seeing your name on the front of an envelope just doesn’t get old.

17 getting post- Via Tumblr

18. Finding money in your pocket you didn’t know you had – there’s nothing quite like it. You’ll be all like:

18 money dance- Via Tumblr

19. New year, new holiday allowance: grab your bikini, sun cream, towel, favourite mag and your sunnies, and get yourself somewhere hot!

19 dog sunbathing- Via We Know Memes

20.  The Domino’s Winter Survival Deal is on, so get your mates round and dig in!

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