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Customisation crazy: 10 of the best pizza toppings

By Domino's on 12-05-14 in

There’s more to life than¬†margherita, don’t you know? If you’re a pizza lover who’s become bored with a steady diet of tomato and cheese, then it’s time to let some more adventurous blends give your taste buds a tickling.¬†The humble pizza has come a long way from its earliest incarnation as a herb-sprinkled flatbread: nowadays you have a variety of pies to choose from, ranging from modern classics such as the four cheese or Hawaiian, to the rather unusual¬†Oreo pizza¬†– proving that if it’s a food that exists, then someone will have had the idea to arrange it on a doughy base and go to town. But there are plenty of exciting combos you might have overlooked (and considering there are 878,343,462,689,759,000,000 possible combinations on the Domino’s menu, you probably have) so if you’re looking for some customisation inspiration, then look no further: here are some of the best pizza toppings we can think of. ¬†Deliciousness awaits…

1. The (almost) all-day breakfast

1-BreakfastswansonVia Giphy

If you’re not convinced by morning-after, straight-from-the-fridge pizza, here’s a two-in-one for you: the (almost) breakfast pizza. Accompany Cumberland sausage with smoked bacon, mushrooms, crispy onions and mozzarella, and whack a garlic and herb dip on the side to pull you from your bleary-eyed stupor.

2. Salsa style

2-EmmaStoneVia Tumblr

If you’re a chip-and-dip fan, here’s an idea: load some salsa-esque toppings on to a thin and crispy base. We’re thinking pepperoni, red onions, tomatoes, olives, roquito sweet chilli peppers and green and red peppers. Mmmm. And yeah, we know it’s like the world’s laziest snacking invention, but pretty much ideal for a film-watching situation where you don’t want to worry about salsa droppage, but equally don’t want to tear your eyes away from the screen.

3. The Espa√Īola

3-FrancoVia Reaction Gifs

If you’re craving a taste of Europe, but have no hope of a holiday for the foreseeable future, then channel sunny Spain with a heap of warming favourites. Start with sundried tomato and garlic sauce for a flavour-packed palette, then load with tangy tomato, crunchy green and red peppers, warming chorizo and, of course, a generous serving of mozzarella.

4. Meat-free BBQ

4-BbqVia Gifbin

Barbecue season isn’t just for meat-lovers – veggie kebabs, charred corn and grilled pineapple are among the many options for vegetarians who want to fire up a feast. Of course, when sunny weekends are sparse – or when you simply don’t have the patience for outdoor cooking – then there is a quicker way: pile it on a pizza! Set the scene with a BBQ sauce base, then sprinkle liberally with pineapple, red onion, mozzarella, sweetcorn, and red and green peppers. Want to add a little heat to your fire-free feast? A side of FRANK’S RedHot sauce will get those taste buds tingling.

5. The skinny

5-SkinnyVia Time Out

Don’t let plans to shed some pounds interfere with a love of sofa-based pizza-eating – just rethink your strategy. Go for a thin and crispy crust and reduced fat cheese, and top with tuna, sweetcorn, tomato and herbs for a lighter slice of what you fancy. Win-win!

6. Spicy special

6-SpicyVia Giphy

Lover of all things red hot can turn up the temperature on their pizza with a strategic combo of fiery toppings. Supplement a hefty sprinkling of pepperoni, red onions and mushroom with jalape√Īo peppers and¬†roquito sweet chilli pepper. If you really want to put your tongue to the test, then add FRANK’S RedHot sauce (and keep the garlic and herb dip on standby to soothe your singed tongue).

7. The ultimate challenge

7-ultimate-challengeVia Tumblr

If you’ve got a big appetite for pizza and are looking to take on an even bigger challenge, then give this ultimate combo a go. Start off with the Dominator base and crust, then add extra mozzarella, pepperoni, mushrooms, crispy onions, sweetcorn and a spicy dab of mustard mayonnaise.¬†Containing more cheese than you can shake a breadstick at, this leviathan will sink all but the most hardened pizza connoisseurs – so make sure you’re up to the challenge before you order. (Or just let your friends take a slice or two off your hands.)

8. Surf, hold the turf

8-SharkVia Tumblr

Forgo the meat but not the flavour with a¬†pescetarian-friendly piece of pie. ¬†Pile your base high with salty anchovies, creamy mozzarella, red peppers, red onions and herbs, and keep some FRANK’S RedHot dip on the side for an extra kick. Perfect for a post-beach treat.

9. Ciao, bella

9-JOeyVia Tumblr

Simple is sometimes best and, if you have a lot of fussy eaters to feed, you can’t go wrong with this Italian-inspired pizza. Chicken breast, extra mozzarella, green and red peppers, red onion, herbs and olives combine for a balanced and authentic slice. Just make sure you get in quick…

10. The date night

10RobVia Tumblr

What better way to show your feelings than by treating that special someone to a slice of something nice? Start off with a light Italian base, then make sure there’s something for everyone with the¬†‘half & half’. Make the left side tropical with a twist, including ham, jalape√Īos¬†and pineapple to keep it sweet. For the other half, choose chicken, tomato, sweetcorn and a hint of roquito sweet chilli peppers for a little added spice. Add a honey mustard dipping sauce, and don’t forget to share….