We all love a British bank holiday – here’s why…

(Feature Image Credit: The AA) There are plenty of things us Brits are good at – sounding sarcastic when we mean to be enthusiastic, apologising, eating crumpets, apologising for eating all the crumpets, apologising for the sarcasm, giving a suspiciously sarcastic-sounding apology… and, of course, taking full advantage of a free day off. The great […]


Domino’s ‘Two For Tuesday’ Deal Gives You Two Pizzas For The Price Of One. Every Tuesday. Wow.

What’s better than a pizza? Two, of course! And what’s better than two pizzas? You got it – two for the price of one. (via Giphy) OK, easy tiger – we’re not finished yet. And we know that you’re thinking: If only there were a place where I could find such a thing… Well, wonder […]


Seven Snippets Of Star Wars Trivia You Never Knew

Feature image credit: Wonderful Engineering. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…. .… the people of Earth were in a period of cinematic unrest. The silver screen was in need of a good dusting as film fans found themselves making the most of what Tinseltown was throwing their way, but it was […]


#pizzapolitics quiz: What kind of pizza eater are you?

If there’s one word that’s dominating newspapers and pub chatter across the country right now, it’s ‘politics’, and if there’s one type of politics that we’re interested in, it’s #PizzaPolitics. You know where we’re coming from – how you eat your pizza is a very personal thing. It’s a finely tuned process that allows you to enjoy […]

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If Game of Thrones quotes were about food cravings

Feature image credit: PC Advisor No one likes waiting: waiting for an answer; waiting in line; waiting for payday – waiting sucks. And waiting for the new season of Game of Thrones really sucks. It’s like when you’re feeling hungry enough that you see food everywhere you turn… (via Giphy) Woah now – put it down, Jon. […]