Domino’s Pepperoni Pizza: Rated Ireland’s Tastiest Pizza

Domino’s pepperoni pizza scored higher for overall taste in an independent blind taste test in ROI than Pizza Hut and Four Star pepperoni pizza. For more details click here

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Domino’s Pepperoni Pizza: Rated Ireland’s Tastiest Pizza




To help us understand how the quality of Domino’s Pizza compares with some of its core competitors in Ireland, we recently carried out an independent blind taste test involving our pepperoni pizza.
The objectives of this research were as follows:





We engaged Cambridge Market Research to test our pepperoni pizza against the pepperoni pizza of two of our competitors, Pizza Hut and Four Star. Testing took place in one location, Tallaght, in Dublin. A total of 111 participant interviews were conducted between 1st February and 2nd February 2013.


Participants were pre-recruited, to the following criteria:



Participants were asked to blind test each pizza in a pre-rotated order before giving their preference between the three products. Interviewers ordered and collected the pizzas from the three outlets throughout the day of testing. All packaging was kept out of sight of participants. Products were referred to only by their codes.


The pizzas tested were:



Participants were asked the following question and could respond with either: Excellent, Good, Average, Poor, Very Poor: “Q8. How would you rate the overall taste of the pizza?”




The response given by participants is set out below:


  Excellent(%) Good(%) Average(%) Poor(%) Very Poor(%)
Domino’s Pizza 35 45 15 4 1
Pizza Hut 15 26 30 24 5
Four Star 15 49 22 13 2
% are rounded up to nearest figure


As you can see, the results are statistically significant. Domino’s pepperoni pizza clearly stands out as having great ‘overall’ taste compared to the two competitors tested against, which confirms to us why our pizza is so popular in Ireland!